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We have created this testimonials page to help prospective customers learn more about the services of our gate company. Whether you want a problem resolved or a brand new gate and opener to be installed by us, you will find the opinions shared here to be useful to you.

Residential Swing Gate Hinge Welding Repair Service

Reliable Advice on Gate Replacement

For a long period, my wife and I had been contemplating on the type of gate to install in our new home. Since we were looking for the most appropriate gate to suite our lifestyles, we had to ask around. Our neighbors suggested that we ask for help from Gate Repair Northridge. This happened to be very helpful because the technician from this company elaborated on the various gate types we could opt for, mentioning the advantages as well as the dissantvantages of each. He also installed our new gate at an affordable rate and I think this is one of the best gate installation companies out there.

They Get the Job Done Right

I reached out to this gate company in a sheer panic after hearing that some of our residents were having issues with the main electric gate not closing at night. The idea of getting this gate repair done without a hassle for our community stressed me out, but I needed to make a quick decision for safety reasons, so I called Gate Repair Northridge and they came out, did some troubleshooting and fixed our issue with no problem or inconvenience to the tenants. Seriously - a great company who knows how to get the job done right.


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