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Don't worry about your questions on gate repairs, as you will get the best answers here. Find out everything you want to know about gate remotes and what they need in order to remain in good working condition. In addition, learn how to deal with minor issues.

Why gate remote service is important?

You certainly know by now the advantages of the gate clicker since it allows you to enter into your premises fast without having to step out of your car. Though, the experts of Gate Repair Northridge insist that remote and electric gate service is necessary. It would help you avoid problems like failure of communication between the gate remote and the opener. Excessive dust in the remote inner circuit could block the system.

Why my gate doesn't open?

Your steel gate will hardly cause you any serious problems as long as you fix driveway gate problems immediately and do maintenance service a couple of times a year according to the experts of Gate Repair Northridge. The absence of such services could cause serious damage to the opener and this is the most usual reason for not opening. Check the gate remote, too. A simple problem like dead batteries can puzzle you.

Why are multicode remotes recommended?

The multicode remote is very useful to those owning more operators other than the commercial or residential gate openers. It is actually one clicker with multiple buttons for a number of operators. If you only have a gate opener, it's best to get a simple gate clicker.

How do I reinforce gate security?

Security is reinforced when the gate is in good condition and with frequent maintenance, which will guarantee its resistance. Intercom installation will also enhance security. Place several CCTV cameras so that you'll have a full view of the entrance area and make sure they can record activity.

What should I do to keep my gate in top condition during winter?

Check the drive belt as there should be no signs of wear and tear. Also grease the gate hinges and inner gears with an appropriate lubricant. Choose a gate operator that is specially designed to work for colder temperatures, if the area that you live in is relatively cold.

Why is aluminum not considered a good gate choice?

Although aluminum gates do not rust, they are difficult to maintain and repair. Steel gates, which may set you back for a good sum at first, is a nice investment because they are sturdy and strong. They prove to be cost-effective in the long run.

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