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Gate Openers

If you are looking for a gate company, you could probably open a phonebook and find several. But does that mean that all of these gate companies can do all that you need them to do? Does it mean that you will be able to depend on every one of these companies?

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Gate Residential

Gate companies are plentiful in the Los Angeles county area. But that does not mean that every one of these gate companies is for you. If you call our Gate Repair Northridge company,

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Custom Made Gates

There is a very popular city in Los Angeles by the name Northridge with a population of approximately sixty eight thousand people. There are some very popular and luxurious sites that you can visit for leisure or just go and enjoy yourself in, when you are in this place.

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Gate Repair Northridge

If you are looking for a quality provider of gate repair services in California then we are the company for you. We can provide various gate services including installations, opener repair and replacement, intercom installation and regular or routine maintenance.

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Northridge, California
Zip code: 91325

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We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
Our experienced gate repair company offers installation, maintenance and repair services for all kinds of gates, including swinging and sliding driveway gates. We can also fit additional fixtures like gate exit sensors and intercom systems.

Residential Gate Operator Repair & Sprocket Replacement

Our company is an experienced gate service contractor with well-trained technicians for same day and emergency services. We replace and install gates of all types and repair problematic parts. We are experts in intercom and opener installation and repair services.

Our Gate Repair Northridge is the company that will take care of all of your driveway gate services, and will always be there when you need us.

Are you looking for a driveway gate company in Northridge that provides around-the-clock emergency repair service? Do you wish for this company to offer you affordable prices and quality service? This describes our driveway gate contractor to a tee.

Gate Repair Northridge 24/7 Services

We are the gate service provider that you can count on for all your gate concerns. Fast, friendly and reliable service at the most reasonable price is what we give to every customer. Expect that an experienced and knowledgeable technician would attend to your needs when you call. Our same day emergency service ensures that your gate problem is fixed in no time. Rest assured that broken hinges and chains, damaged tracks and wheels, and all other issues encountered with your gate will be fully resolved. Major technicians also take care of your new gate installation and maintenance.

You could consider our driveway gate openers as the first driveway gate service

You can use it for both residential and commercial services. The main advantage of such a system is that you can use it without ever leaving your car. The benefit of working with our Gate Repair Northridge company is that our professional team is ready to do the repair and installation service for any model of openers. We are happy to announce you that we are always using the best brands in the field such as: Viking, MULTICODE, All-O-Matic, FAAC, Eagle, Elite, GTO Pro, Doorking, Reno and Linear. In addition to this, you should count on our experience for sensors, gate opener remote, safety loop or photo eye. In case you are interested in finding out more about us, all you need is to call us, and we will hurry to assist you.

Last but not least, we are the number one experts in wrought iron fences in Northridge, both for commercial and residential properties. In general, we operate with the custom made fences and we offer a big variety of products, from the ornamental work to the block pillars. Our fence contractor is ready to do the installation and repair services for commercial or house fences, or for a simple pool fence. Our company is well known for its welding services, but also for its iron work.

Some of the iron work that we can do for you includes:

  •     Window Guards
  •     Guards and Railings
  •     Doors/Gates
  •     Security Doors
  •     Pool Enclosures
  •     Dog Runs
  •     Fences
  •     Cages
  •     Railings
  •     Pipe Corrals
  •     Retaining Walls

Additionally, we can help you with: pedestrian gates that are custom made, barrier arm gates, parking garage gates, automatic driveway gates, sliding gates, electric gates, swing gates, driveway gates and wrought iron gates. In case you are interested in a custom model, you should call us today for a discussion and evaluation of your needs.

Our Gate Repair Northridge company can easily do all the gate repair and installation services you need. For instance, you can count on us for all types of: commercial and residential broken gate spring repair, gate wheels repair, broken hinge repair, hinges welding and gate openers and devices. Moreover, we offer all these services while taking into account the highest standards of safety any installation of gate sensors, as well as, install gate motor on existing gates, spring replacements, or exit loop installation and repair. Curious about our services? Call us now and we can't wait to visit you!

In the event that you need some special entry systems or intercom service, we are here for you. The same is available for the simple installation that will help you to carefully set up all you need for a professional and secure gate. Our Gate Repair Northridge company can quickly and effectively repair and install: phone gate systems, any Residential Entry Systems, keypad telephone entry systems, ELITE, LINEAR, DOORKING programming service, Commercial entry systems or Commercial Entry Systems. What about calling us for more tailored information?

Welding Services

The process of welding is used for joining two metal components together through material fusion. The metal surfaces that have to be joined together are melted and another molten metal material is used as joint or filler. After the metals cool, the joint between the components becomes strong. In driveway gates, metal bars, hinges and decorative ornaments can be welded to the main structure. The welding services involve the installation of such components and their repair and replacement. The components which will be added to the gate are selected by the client in line with any design specifics. They are prepared and welded by professionals. If the welding gets damaged, repair services can be used for its restoration. The components are repaired along with it if they have suffered any damage as well. Severely damaged components are replaced for restoring the structure of the gate. The new ones are welded in their place.

Gates operate properly as long as posts are solid. Our company offers gate post repair and rushes to help customers as fast as possible. It is our duty to check the extent of the problem in order to see what can be done with the posts. When their foundations are weak, we have to reinforce them. When they sag, we have to balance them and ensure they remain stable. If posts are rotten, they can be replaced. We work with the best tools and have the experience to identify the problem and take care of it. We are experts in swing gate post repair and provide our service as soon as possible because post related problems will also cause hinge trouble and won't allow our customers to move their gate properly. You can depend on our fast response and outstanding post service.

Fast Response Residential Gate Opener Repair Service

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