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About Us - Gate Repair Northridge

Getting your home repaired or fixed up can be a huge burden.  Not only do you have to pay for an expensive repair job, you have to put your life on hold while workers take over your house.  Well, we here at “Gate Repair Northridge” know that it doesn’t have to work that way.  With experienced, skilled technicians, we can work around your schedule and fix your problems without your life grinding to a halt.  Especially with something as important as gate service – when your system breaks down, you can’t get out of your driveway – we know that in addition to getting the job done in a professional manner, it’s imperative that we work with a degree of efficiency.

About Us - Gate Repair Northridge

We’re so dedicated to fixing your problem how you want, when you want, that we’re available about the drop of a hat.  Not only are we quick to respond to service requests, we never close.  We’re available for 24/7 emergency service.  You can call us during the middle of the night, and not only will you speak with one of our cheerful operators, we’ll have a repairman out to your house and your system fixed before the sun comes up.

Even if you don’t have a dire emergency

you should still give us a call for some preventative maintenance service.  Over time, the parts – like the rollers, hinges, and springs – that make your system work can become worn and damaged, especially since the main system is located outside, exposed to the elements.  It takes a trained eye to spot minor problems, and it’s crucial to do so since minor problems can become major ones that require an expensive system overhaul if they go untreated too long.

As the number one gate service company in the area, we’re sure to impress.  Gate Repair Northridge should be your first call when you have a problem.  Make that call today and we’ll get you started!

Pedestrian Gate

Each pedestrian gate has a dual purpose. Its primary job is to keep the walk-through entryway of the property secure. At the same time, people who have a key can access the property quickly and without hassle. Such a gate can be installed at the main entryway to the house and at all side ones. When the property has a main vehicular entry gate, a pedestrian one can be set right next to it for greater convenience and efficiency. The typical gate for pedestrian use is narrow enough to allow one person to walk through at the time. It has swing operation so that it is easy to open and close manually. Pedestrian gates do not usually have an opener due to their easy manual operation. However, they can be paired with telephone or video entry systems that make it possible for a person to be let in remotely after his identity is confirmed.

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