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Gate intercom systems are our business. We install and repair them, supply them and program them! Our gate repair experts follow the fast progress of intercoms, train systematically and according to the recent innovations, and provide exceptional services. All professionals at “Gate Repair Northridge” are aware of the importance of intercoms these days, especially for large commercial and residential buildings.Intercom System 24/7 Services

Gate intercom specialists for excellent services

We are well-trained and proud to carry new age equipment in our vans for immediate intercom repair. When you call for emergency or occasional problems, we promise immediate service. When you want our expert, professional opinion and consultation, we can assure you that we will stand by your side and guide you properly. Actually, we can supply you with some of the best intercom systems manufactured by the most distinguished industries. We are knowledgeable of the peculiarities of each brand and can point out which systems will be more suitable for your own gate.

Rest assured that our technicians have the expertise to program Doorking intercom systems and are all experts in all brands. We make sure your Intercom System is installed properly and you get exactly what you are looking for. There are fundamental differences among different models since each one covers the needs of different properties. A huge establishment with thousands of workers has different requirements from a single family house. In any case, there are intercoms for all needs and we know how to install and program all of them efficaciously.

Depending on what you choose and on your needs we can connect the Intercom System to your phone and your gate opener keypad. You can buzz in your friends without having to exit your house, have full voice and visual communication with them, and give them temporary codes. The technology runs and so are we! The combination of different high tech systems can make your gate the most powerful weapon against crime. These devices are safe, easy to learn how they work and you can surely have our full cooperation for any service regarding your phone enter system. Don't hesitate to seek more information by calling Gate Repair Northridge or sending an email!

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