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Installing a New Opener for Gates

11/13/2013 Back To Blog

If you’re looking for a new gate installation, then you should also look into information on how to install Ramset gate opener. As you know, enclosures are important to make sure that your property is always secured. In fact, it can protect not only your investments but your family as well. If you would leave out an important task of maintaining your enclosure regularly, you might spend big on driveway gate repair.

Driveway Gate Opener Installation

It’s now made possible that you can have the chance to install your new opener for the enclosure. Generally, it’s easy to install an opener if you can have a hand of this information. You can follow these tips to do this important task:

1. You should mark the portion when you will install the opener by using a spray paint or any marker available.

2. You can start drilling the holes on your enclosure post to start with the installation. Then, begin drilling for the control box of your opener. Does it sound like a driveway gate adjustment? Somehow, they’re similar since you should be accurate in terms of measurement so that you can properly place the opener in the right position and height in accordance to your enclosure.

3. Then, think of the control box. Place it in an area that is unreachable by children.

4. There is also the sensor device that you should bury at about 50 ft. away from your gateway. It should be a foot below ground.

5. You should mount the control box in a stable place or position.
Voila! You just had a new installation of your enclosure or gate opener installation. You can start fixing your fix driveway gate so that you can keep your home secured all the time. Follow these tips and you’ll be fine.

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