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Dealing with Your Gate's Greatest Enemies

01/07/2014 Back To Blog

It's good to remember that your steel gate is your responsibility. If you expect high security, you need to protect it first from yourself, elements and any other threat it may come in the way. Gates are built to be strong but they will easily turn into an empty sachet full of hazards and become your worst nightmare if you don't take measures ahead and protect it from the known enemies, which may threaten its good condition and stability and, thus, your own security.

Fight the enemy, protect the gate system

You can deal with the human factor but not with natural phenomena, right? Wrong! These days, technology and highly advanced materials can fight all odds as long as you agree to cooperate in order to efface all enemies off the front line. It's certainly hard to deal with the wrath of nature, especially in harsh weathers and fierce winds, but you can still be prepared with the usual gate repair. Having the system maintained at the appropriate time is important because the gate will be able to remain stable even during the worst weather. If the swing gate hinges are damaged or loose, for example, you may find your gate at the neighbor's yard after strong winds.

The worst enemy of the material is the sun and moisture. Prolonged rainfall or too much humidity will have terrible repercussions to wood or wrought iron gates, which are not made by galvanized materials. For this reason, it's important to apply overlays on the surface often and the frequency would depend on the local weather. In any other case, you will deal with significant functional problems and the material will be weakened.

At the same time, the gate may be threatened by you, too. It's important to keep a distance with your car as the panel is opening and drive slowly to avoid bumping in your own door. Possible dents from accidents must be treated right away to avoid security gaps and attract the attention of intruders. Anyway, perpetrators are enemies, too. Hence, you will need to keep reinforcing the security of the gate with latches, automatic gate repair and continuous upgrading of the system with new technologies to keep all enemies out and you safe. 

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